About LIVE IT! LOVE IT! Detroit®

Detroit is moving forward and the city needs a brand to represent that progress. Since 2013, Detroit has risen from the ashes to take new life like the birth of the mythological bird, the Phoenix.

Never before has such a Renaissance of this magnitude taken place in Detroit during our lifetimes, that we can actively participate in, from the cultural arts to entrepreneurship, to having fun, and much much more.

With that said, Detroit is hands down one of the best cities to be in in the world, with people coming to experience the joy and excitement that Detroit has to offer, and whether you grew up here, live here now, or are just visiting, and are a part of the people coming to Detroit to live, work, or play, or all of the above, you know exactly what we’re talking about because we all LIVE IT! LOVE IT! Detroit® in our own way.

Here at LIVE IT! LOVE IT! Detroit®, we want to capture that essence and build off of the excitement in the air, by making a simple, yet powerful statement that all of us can relish in, whether we’re in Detroit or not, by sharing and wearing our love for the city wherever we go in the world.

We are here to proclaim the greatness of the city, and to take that with us wherever we go because this is where Amazing Happens.


We LIVE IT! LOVE IT! Detroit®